Roadster Rentals Now Live!

Roadster Rentals Now Live!

Our rocket red roadster is now available for rent both through the eMotion website and direct on Turo. Priced at under $200 per day with weekly rentals dropping the price to about $139 per day, it's an amazingly economical experience.

Scientific studies show that people receive more enduring pleasure and satisfaction from investing in life experiences over material possessions. eMotion is the only company allowing you to experience the thrill of the Tesla Roadster in the Washington, DC, and Baltimore, Maryland area.

The Roadster, Tesla's first electric automobile, is sports car through and through. Built on the Lotus Elise racing platform, the Roadster is sleek, fast, and sexy. Tight racing suspension, and awesome Tesla all-electric acceleration, the Roadster is a sports car lover's dream. Take off the soft top during the summer and experience the exhilaration.

eMotion rents Tesla electric vehicles in the Washington, DC & Baltimore, MD areas. Our Teslas can be picked up or delivered to all three Washington-area airports including Washington Reagan National, Baltimore-Washington International, and Dulles International airports. We also deliver to street addresses in the Washington, DC & Baltimore, MD, areas provided they're near public transportation.

eMotion Rentals goal is to offer a personalized touch unavailable from big rental car companies. Our fleet consists of Tesla Model S, Model X, and now Roadster automobiles. eMotion's Tesla Model 3 should go live in early of 2018.

Interested in purchasing or leasing your own Tesla? Use the eMotion discount code worth $1,000 off a new Tesla. Simply use when ordering from Tesla.

Tesla Roadster Coming to eMotion Soon!

Tesla Roadster Coming to eMotion Soon!

eMotion Rentals, provider of luxury Tesla rentals in the Washington, DC area, just purchased a 2010 Tesla Roadster that will be added to our rentals as soon as it arrives in DC. This low-mileage Roadster will allow eMotion to offer the full Tesla family of automobiles to renters in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD areas.

The Roadster, Tesla's first electric automobile, is sports car through and through. Built on the Lotus Elise racing platform, the Roadster is sleek, fast, and sexy. Tight racing suspension, and awesome Tesla all-electric acceleration, the Roadster is a sports car lover's dream.

eMotion plans to offer the roadster starting at $189 per day, with substantial discounts available for weekly and monthly rentals. The Roadster joins our existing Model S & X rentals.

Anyone wishing to buy their own Tesla can use the eMotion discount code worth $1,000 off a new Tesla. Simply use when ordering from Tesla to save $1,000.

eMotion rents Tesla electric vehicles in the Washington, DC & Baltimore, MD areas. Our Teslas can be picked up or delivered to all three Washington-area airports including Washington Reagan National, Baltimore-Washington International, and Dulles International airports. We also deliver to street addresses in the Washington, DC & Baltimore, MD, areas provided they're near public transportation.

eMotion Rentals goal is to offer a personalized touch unavailable from big rental car companies. Our fleet consists of Tesla Model S, Model X, and now Roadster automobiles. eMotion's Tesla Model 3 should go live in early of 2018.

Comparing Hardware 1 & 2

Comparing Hardware 1 & 2

We've had our Model X with Tesla's "hardware 2" for about a month. The "hardware" in hardware 2 refers to the cameras, sensors, and computers in the car that allow the Autopilot software to function.

Hardware 1 consisted of one forward-facing camera made by vendor Mobile Eye, one bumper-mounted radar unit, and bunch of ultrasonic "sonar" sensors on the front and rear bumpers. Hardware 2 consists of up to eight cameras located around the vehicle, a radar unit located in the front grille of the car, and sonar sensors in the bumpers and doors.

Ironically, while hardware 2 is more advanced than hardware 1, the hardware 1 software is more mature and feature-rich than hardware 2, currently. We thought it was useful to compare the current functionality of the software as of publication, knowing that it will keep improving through Tesla's over-the-air software updates.

But let's make one thing clear:  Tesla's autopilot software on hardware 1 and 2 cars is totally awesome and more advanced than anything on the road today. Renting either our hardware 1 or hardware 2 car will be a joy for you.

Hardware 1
The Hardware 1 autopilot is on software version 8.1. This software allows the car to drive itself (with driver supervision) on highways and city streets. It does not recognize traffic lights or stop signs, but it is nearly flawless on recognizing where lanes are, on following cars in front of you, and making driving a joy.

In addition to autopilot, the hardware 1 car will self park either in perpendicular and parallel parking spaces. It has auto-sensing wipers that detect rain and the intensity of rain and respond accordingly. It has headlights that dim automatically when a car approaches, and that return to bright when the car has passed. It also nearly flawlessly detects speed limit changes using its optical camera.

On freeways, the car drives itself flawlessly. It stays between the lanes, doesn't bobble back and forth between the lines, brakes smoothly when traffic slows, and evenly speeds up when traffic accelerates. Overall it feels like mature software that reacts as you would expect it.

Hardware 2
Hardware 2 is also on software version 8.1. Compared to Hardware 1, Hardware 2 is far more advanced and one would expect that the software would be similarly advanced. Experience shows, however, that the "enhanced" Autopilot software on Hardware 2 cars has a long way to go.

While Tesla bills Hardware 2 cars as having "enhanced" Autopilot, and while we're sure that it will one day be more advanced, it currently is not. We find that the car's sensing of the lane lines is sometimes erratic, with the lines bouncing around, even when the car is stationary. We find that the cameras fail to see recognize the lines sometimes, temporarily disabling Autopilot activation. But it will see those same lines that have not changed, seconds later, allowing activation.

Additionally, it seems that the long distance forward camera and the short distance forward camera are not exchanging information well, particularly on right-sweeping corners. The short-range camera sees the lines are bending to the right or left, but the long range camera doesn't seem to see the lines. As a result, the long range camera will sense cars ahead on the corner as being directly in front of you, when they are actually in a separate lane. The result is that the car will sometimes brake unexpectedly as it thinks a car is in front and it needs to slow down. It quickly figures out the problem, but it can be disconcerting when you're not ready for it.

The car also tends to drift within the lane or "bobble" a bit. The Hardware 1 car, however, is rock solid with no bobbling.

From a feature standpoint, the Hardware 2 cars lack autodimming headlights, auto-sensing wipers, and perpendicular parking. Additionally, the speed sign detection is deficient; it misses speed signs that the Hardware 1 cars easily catch.

We don't want to be overly down on Hardware 2. It's still damned amazing, and the fit and finish of the newer Hardware 2 cars is superior to the Hardware 1 cars. Tesla continues to improve Hardware 2 software. In the month we've had the car, we've already seen software updates pushed to us that improved how Autopilot behaves. We expect that these improvements will continue and that Hardware 2 will soon surpass the capability of Hardware 1, perhaps even in a couple of months. One of our renters couldn't tell the difference between Hardware 1 and 2, so perhaps we're just being overly detrimental.

How fast is Tesla improving? They currently plan fully self-driving cars within two years.

So rent either of our cars with confidence that they will drive themselves on the highway with driver supervision. They're both amazing! But as of this writing, hardware 2 is still improving. If you want to see where it's going, check out this video:

Price Drops on Teslas

Price Drops on Teslas

The eMotion Model X, a work of art!

If you were looking to buy your own Tesla after renting one of ours, Tesla announced a number of pricing changes over the past few weeks.

According to Ride the Lightening (RTL), if you're a current owner of a Model S with a 60 kWh battery, you can unlock the full 75 kWh battery capacity for only $2000. This is just over a 71% decrease in price from the original $7,000 price tag. Similarly, Electrek reports that "Tesla Model X 60D owners can now unlock the remaining 15 kWh of energy capacity in their battery packs for $4,500."

Along with this battery-related price drop, The Motley Fool reports that Tesla also "dropped the price of the 75 kWh Model S by $5,000, giving it a starting price of $69,500." As a caller recently noted to the RTL podcast, with the lower-priced Model S, the currently-available $7,500 federal tax credit, and the $1,000 discount code available through us, the effective entry price of a new Model S $61,000. If your state gives a state tax credit, your entry price may be even lower.

A fully-loaded Model 3 will likely be around $60,000, and you cannot get one of those for years even if you order now. The Model S is available today.

Now may be the time to buy your own Model S or Model X. If you want an extended test drive, rent from us. If you're ready to buy your own, please use our $1,000-off discount code.


Renting from Us Compared to Others

We were just reading the Hertz Dream Cars website tonight. They have a Model S 90D for $179 per day, which includes only 75 miles per day and $0.75 per mile thereafter.

Each of eMotion's cars come with 500 miles per day up to 1,500 miles per week. If you rent for a month or longer, you get unlimited mileage!

Our 2017 Model X 90D currently rents for $179 per day on a daily basis, but comes with a 30% discount for weekly rentals, which lowers the price to around $125 per day. You get more miles with us and a lower price.

If you want to rent our Model S, it's even less. The price of our Model S is running about $119 per day (price varies depending upon date). You can get a 15% discount of our daily rates with weekly rentals.

All of our cars come with Tesla's famed autopilot, premium sound, lighting, and interiors. We also will deliver to your doorstep, hotel, or airport!

So increase your enjoyment and save your money. Rent from us!

Now Offering Model X Rentals

Now Offering Model X Rentals

eMotion's Model X rentals are now live! Our Model X is brand-spankin' new 90D with a 257 mile EPA-rated range. It includes:

  • Autopilot 2: Self-driving, traffic-aware cruise control, automatic parking. Pretty wild features! 
  • Room for six people plus gear 
  • Free charging at all Tesla Superchargers (80% charge in about 30 minutes) 
  • Ultra-High Fidelity Sound 
  • Slacker and TuneIn Internet radio 
  • Carbon-fiber décor, white interior, and black Alcantara leather 
  • Premium interior and lighting 
  • Automatic climate control with vented front seats for cooler butts in the summer time 
  • all seats heated for warmer butts in the winter 
  • Subzero weather package includes heated steering wheel, front and rear seats, & wiper blades 
  • Gorgeous blue exterior 
  • Bike rack available upon request 
  • 17" computerized touchscreen display controls car features with the latest software 
  • Enhanced navigation, routes you near Tesla Superchargers 
  • All-wheel drive (awesome in the snow) 
  • All electric (no gas!) 
  • 92 mile per gallon equivalent (MPGe) 
  • EPA-rated 257 mile battery range between charges (actual range depends upon your driving habits, terrain, & weather) 
  • EZPass available upon request (for monthly or longer rentals, $20 worth of EZPass toll charges included) 

If this is your first time renting, use this discount code when signing up ( to get $25 off your first rental. 

And if you loved your rental and want to buy your own Tesla, use this Tesla discount code ( to save $1,000 off a new Model S or X purchase or lease!

Model X Rentals Live Starting April 1

eMotion's brand spankin' new beautiful blue Tesla Model X arrives at eMotion headquarters in about eight days! We hope to have rentals live by April 1.

Check back to to be the first to get your hands on our new Model X. Features include:

  • 90 kWh battery for an EPA-rated range of 257 miles (92 mpg equivalent)
  • All-wheel drive
  • Deep blue metallic paint 20" Silver Wheels
  • Ultra white vented seats
  • Carbon fiber decor
  • Black Alcantara Headliner
  • Six Seat Interior
  • Free Supercharging
  • Enhanced Autopilot
  • Smart Air Suspension
  • Heated front and rear seats
  • Ultra high fidelity sound
  • Towing Package

This is a loaded Model X! Be the first to drive it by repeatedly checking for updates.

Bye, Bye 60 & 60D

Tesla discontinues the Model S 60 & 60D effective April 16, 2017.

Tesla discontinues the Model S 60 & 60D effective April 16, 2017.

Tesla is discontinuing the Model S 60 & 60D. These are the smallest battery configuration one could buy from Tesla. Apparently Tesla found that most people ended up wanting the larger batteries, so they are streamlining their production and ordering process by eliminating this battery configuration.

Tesla notes that "Customers who still want the opportunity to own a 60 kWh Model S will have until April 16, 2017 to place their order." And if you have a 60 kWh Model S, you can upgrade your battery to a 75 kWh capacity "via an over the air update." For a fee, of course. The 60 kWh batteries were all 75 kWh batteries masquerading as a smaller battery. This gives each owner the ability to "unlock" the larger battery by paying Tesla a fee, then they push out a software update allowing access to the full capacity.

eMotion rentals Model S is a 70 kWh battery and the Model X is a 90 kWh battery. You can rent one of our Teslas here. If you would like to purchase your own Model S 60, 60D, or other Model S or Model X, save yourself $1,000 by clicking here and using the eMotion discount code joe3746.

Use eMotion Discount Code for $1000 Off New Tesla

Use the eMotion discount code to save $1,000 of a new Model S or X!

Use the eMotion discount code to save $1,000 of a new Model S or X!

Tesla is once again running a discount that you can only get through current Tesla owners. Use the eMotion discount code when you order, or provide the joe3746 discount code to a Tesla sales associate after you order, to save $1,000 off the price of a new Tesla Model S or Model X. You can add the code anytime prior to final payment, as we understand it.

Using our code saves you money, and gives us a chance to be present at the Model 3 delivery event. Feel free to spread this code far and wide to all your friends and family.

But hurry, the code is only good through March 15, 2017!

eMotion Rentals Orders Tesla Model X

eMotion Rentals, provider of luxury Tesla rentals in the Washington, DC area, today placed an order for a new Tesla Model X 90D. When delivered in March, customers will be able to rent both Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles, the most advanced vehicles on the road today.

In coordination with Tesla, we're also offering a discount code worth $1,000 off a new Tesla for people wanting to purchase their own. Simply use when ordering to save $1,000. Orders must be placed by January 15, 2017.

Each eMotion Tesla comes with Tesla's famed autopilot hardware that allows the car to drive itself, with driver oversight. Using cameras, radar, and sonar, the vehicle senses its surroundings including vehicles and the lines on the road to navigate. The new Model X brings the second generation of autopilot hardware with up to eight active cameras. As Tesla rolls out software updates, the new Model X will eventually be capable of full self driving (see video, below). In the immediate future, it will allow ramp-to-ramp driving with little to no driver intervention.

Take a ride in a Tesla with Full Self-Driving Hardware.

There's nothing more frustrating than stop-and-go traffic. eMotion Rentals' Model S and X vehicles navigate stop-and-go traffic automatically and flawlessly, taking the frustration out of driving. Traffic jams have never been more relaxing!

Additionally, each of our Teslas include unlimited free Tesla Supercharging, all-wheel drive, premium interiors, premium sound, and heated seats and steering wheels. This Model X acquisition brings towing, a 90 kWh battery for more distance without recharging, and a gorgeous white interior with vented seats.

Our rentals are powered by Turo, providing a car rental marketplace for rentals around the world.

This Model X supplements eMotion Rentals' Tesla Model 3 order, scheduled for late 2017 delivery. We'll add the Model X to our inventory as soon as we get it, of course. But in the meantime, you can rent an eMotion Model S to satisfy that Tesla fix before the Model X arrives. 

Turo Blog & Tesla Safest Car on the Road

eMotion Rentals founder Joe Edgell recently got an honorable mention (just a photo) in the Turo blog. The article notes that "the complete experience of owning a Tesla hasn’t been fully achieved until the joy of driving one has been shared with as many people as possible."

We completely agree!

Driving a Tesla, or better yet, letting it drive you down the freeway with no driver intervention other than keeping your hand on the wheel and paying attention, is the most remarkable, otherworldly experience. It is something everyone must try.

Our rentals are wide open for December and January, with substantial discounts for weekly and monthly rentals. If you're wondering if the extra cost of a Tesla rental is worth it on the next family vacation, consider the safety of your family. Tesla Model S cars are the safest car ever rated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. How safe, check out this article to get an idea of just how safe. Your family's safety is worth a few extra dollars, particularly with the crazies on the road today.

You can see if one of our Teslas is available for rental on your preferred dates here.

New Autopilot Upgrade Details

Tesla's September 11 post.

Tesla's September 11 post.

Tesla just announced new details about its Autopilot software upgrade. Dubbed "Version 8," the software will significantly improve the already awesome self-driving autopilot features of existing Tesla Model S and X cars making them safer and more fun to drive!

Tesla believes it can bring a significant upgrade using the existing hardware, specifically the microwave radar just below the car's front bumper. As Tesla puts it, the radar was originally intended "to be a supplementary sensor to the primary camera and image processing system," but "we now believe it can be used as a primary control sensor without requiring the camera to confirm visual image recognition."

This change is in direct response to the recent noted failure of the MobileEye camera system to distinguish the side of a big truck from the background sky, resulting in the death of the Tesla driver. While it appears the driver wasn't paying attention, clearly the car wasn't either. This change is Tesla's fix of that problem. Tesla is said to be moving away from the MobileEye hardware in upcoming vehicles, but Tesla wants current cars to be better despite somewhat limited hardware.

The company notes that "The net effect of this [software update], combined with the fact that radar sees through most visual obscuration, is that the car should almost always hit the brakes correctly even if a UFO were to land on the freeway in zero visibility conditions." If a UFO does land in the freeway in front of our Tesla, then we definitely want to stop and see it!

This should significantly improve the safety of the eMotion Teslas on Autopilot as they will "be able to bounce the radar signal under a vehicle in front . . . and still brake even when trailing a car that is opaque to both vision and radar. The car in front might hit the UFO in dense fog, but the Tesla will not." Pretty remarkable. Current eMotion Teslas are equipped with Autopilot.

If you want to read the entire Tesla blog post with more of the technical details, click here. To see available dates to rent our awesome cars, click here.

Here's the bullet list of improvements from the Tesla post:

  • TACC braking max ramp rate increased and latency reduced by a factor of five
  • Now controls for two cars ahead using radar echo, improving cut-out response and reaction time to otherwise-invisible heavy braking events
  • Will take highway exit if indicator on (8.0) or if nav system active (8.1). Available in the United States initially
  • Car offsets in lane when overtaking a slower vehicle driving close to its lane edge
  • Interface alerts are much more prominent, including flashing white border on instrument panel
  • Improved cut-in detection using blinker on vehicle ahead
  • Reduced likelihood of overtaking in right lane in Europe
  • Improved auto lane change availability
  • Car will not allow reengagement of Autosteer until parked if user ignores repeated warnings
  • Automatic braking will now amplify user braking in emergencies
  • In manual mode, alerts driver if about to leave the road and no torque on steering wheel has been detected since Autosteer was deactivated
  • With further data gathering, car will activate Autosteer to avoid collision when probability ~100%
  • Curve speed adaptation now uses fleet-learned roadway curvature
  • Approximately 200 small enhancements that aren't worth a bullet point

Rent an eMotion Tesla here.

Save $1,000 off a New Tesla Model S or Model X

Tesla Motors is once again running a special where you can save $1,000 off the cost of a new Model S or Model X when you use eMotion's discount code ( Feel free to share this with all your friends if they're considering a new car.

If you are interested in a Tesla, but not sure how it would work for you during your normal commuting work week, rent one of our Tesla Model S cars. Right now you can save 15% of the daily cost for weekly or longer rentals.

Want to see how it works for longer? You can save 30% off the daily cost for monthly or longer rentals. When you're done, you'll want to own your own and use our discount code.


17 Days Left!

17 Days Left!

Are you the kind of person who's looking for a deal?

Tesla is running a promotion for 17 more days where you can save $1,000 off the price of a Model S or Model X. Use the eMotion discount code by clicking this link (, specify the features you want, and order online. This code will instantly save you $1,000 off the price.

If you'd rather talk with a human being and order your Model S or X in person, please reach out to Tesla Owner Advisor Sam Cook at 202-737-0024 x75999. Just give him the discount code shown above and he'll save you the $1,000. Sam is awesome and will make your Tesla experience superlative!

But time is limited. Our discount code expires in 17 days!

eMotion Founder Covered in BGR Article

eMotion Founder Covered in BGR Article

The tech publication BGR did a nice write-up on Tesla rentals, covering both Turo and eMotion's Joe Edgell. BGR notes that if "you want to travel around with one of the world’s most in-demand cars, Turo looks like your most affordable option."

The eMotion Tesla is one of the most affordable Tesla options available on Turo, with our rentals currently starting at $127 per day. We also offer up to 30% discounts for longterm rentals (weekly or monthly).

Check out the BGR article here. And rent the eMotion Tesla here.

It's Not Too Late – $25 Off

It's Not Too Late – $25 Off

Even if you missed our $1200-off Tesla Model S discount code, you can still get $25 off your first rental with Turo. Visit this link, sign up, then visit the eMotion rental page to save $25 on your Tesla rental with eMotion. Renting an eMotion Tesla is a superlative experience....

eMotion Tesla Discount Codes to Save You Money

eMotion Tesla Discount Codes to Save You Money

We've got a couple of special Tesla-related discount codes to save you money.

First up is the Turo rental discount code. We use Turo to power our rentals, and now you can save $25 of your first eMotion Tesla rental. If you've already rented the eMotion Tesla Model S and you want your own? We've got you covered there too!....

Tesla in Full Bloom

Tesla in Full Bloom

Thanks to Turo for this awesome post to the Turo Blog Field Notes (oh, and the permission to repost!)

Last week’s Tesla Model 3 unveiling got us thinking about this remarkable company, and why it’s got such a devoted following. So we caught up with Tesla owner and enthusiast Joe E., who rents out his red Model S in Washington DC and has already preordered his Model 3, to hear about what makes a Tesla so special......

Tesla to Unveil Model 3 in Live Stream Tonight

Tesla to Unveil Model 3 in Live Stream Tonight

If you've been living under a rock someplace, you may not realize that Tesla Motors will unveil its long-anticipated Model 3 tonight at 8:30 p.m. Pacific/11:30 p.m. Eastern.

The Model 3 is Tesla's first foray into the market targeting the average consumer. The car will be slightly smaller than the Model S and will cost a hell of a lot less, starting at $35,000 before federal and state tax credits. The car went on sale in Tesla stores this morning, and will be available for sale online starting at 7:30 Pacific/10:30 Eastern tonight at the Tesla website.

Despite eMotion being in line this morning to place our order, the Model 3 will not be available until late 2017. In the meantime, consider renting an eMotion Model S to satisfy that Tesla fix. Available for two-day or longer rentals, the Tesla Model S is the ultimate luxury automobile with sports-car-like performance. Check availability dates by clicking here.

eMotion Places Model 3 Order

eMotion Places Model 3 Order

Today, along with about four hundred other customers at the DC Tesla store, along with thousands across the country, eMotion placed its next electric vehicle order for a Tesla Model 3. The Model 3, set to be revealed tonight by Elon Musk at an event in California, is rumored to be about the size of an Audi A4 and will, for the base model, cost about $35,000 before any federal or state tax credits....