eMotion Rentals founder Joe Edgell recently got an honorable mention (just a photo) in the Turo blog. The article notes that "the complete experience of owning a Tesla hasn’t been fully achieved until the joy of driving one has been shared with as many people as possible."

We completely agree!

Driving a Tesla, or better yet, letting it drive you down the freeway with no driver intervention other than keeping your hand on the wheel and paying attention, is the most remarkable, otherworldly experience. It is something everyone must try.

Our rentals are wide open for December and January, with substantial discounts for weekly and monthly rentals. If you're wondering if the extra cost of a Tesla rental is worth it on the next family vacation, consider the safety of your family. Tesla Model S cars are the safest car ever rated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. How safe, check out this article to get an idea of just how safe. Your family's safety is worth a few extra dollars, particularly with the crazies on the road today.

You can see if one of our Teslas is available for rental on your preferred dates here.