Tesla recently rolled out version 7.1 of its Model S software. So what does that get you? A ton of improvements. Tesla's self-parking feature now not only works for parallel parking, but also works in perpendicular parking. Parking spot too tight? Get out of the car and use the key fob to control parking.

Yes, you read that right. Park the car in a perpendicular parking space without being in the car.

There are also improvements to how the traffic-aware cruise control works, how self-driving handles freeway exits, auto display dimming, and improvements to the navigation trip planning app.

These software improvements make and already amazing car even more so. Want to experience it yourself but you don't want to fork over $100k to Elon? Rent one from us today. You can pick your dates, times, and whether you want the car delivered to you or whether you want to pick up the car at one of DC's local airports. Click here to get started!

For a complete list of features in software version 7.1, click here.