Our Tesla Model S automobiles have the latest luxury features. They include:

  • Self-driving, traffic-aware cruise control. Pretty wild feature! 
  • Slacker and TuneIn Internet radio 
  • Carbon-fiber décor 
  • Black Alcantara leather headliner 
  • Premium interior and lighting 
  • Ultra-High Fidelity Sound 
  • Subzero weather package includes heated steering wheel, front and rear seats
  • Gorgeous red exterior
  • All-glass panoramic sunroof 
  • 17" computerized touchscreen display controls car features
  • Enhanced navigation, routes you near Tesla Superchargers (which are always free)
  • All-wheel drive 
  • All electric Tesla Supercharger enabled, charges car in about 30 minutes for free (no gas charges)
  • 230 mile range between charges (depending upon driving)
  • For weekly or longer rentals, We'll throw in $20 worth of EZPass toll charges. 

We use Turo.com to power our rentals so that you know the exact car you're renting. You get to specify where you're renting and you'll have a personal contact at eMotion to answer all your questions once you've rented.

Questions before renting? Use our contact page to get your questions answered!

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