We've got a couple of special Tesla-related discount codes to save you money.

First up is the Turo rental discount code. We use Turo to power our rentals, and now you can save $25 of your first eMotion Tesla rental. Click this link, create a Turo account, then visit our Turo page to rent the eMotion Tesla and save $25.

What if you've rented the eMotion Tesla Model S and want your own Model S? We've got you covered there too! Use this link to save $1200 on charger purchase and installation with the purchase of a Tesla Model S. The Tesla High Power Wall Connector let's you charge your new Model S super fast and is worth the money. It communicates with the car to maximize your charging using the available power.

Plugging into a standard household outlet only gets you about 4 miles of range per hour of charging, while the High Power Wall Connector can charge about 65 miles of range per hour of charge — a mile each minute! It's like driving 65 miles per hour while standing still. Our discount code saves you $1200 off the total cost of your car by making the charger and installation essentially free. But get it soon as the code is only valid through April 15. 

Here are the links if you want to copy them for later: