eMotion Rentals, provider of luxury Tesla rentals in the Washington, DC area, today placed an order for a new Tesla Model X 90D. When delivered in March, customers will be able to rent both Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles, the most advanced vehicles on the road today.

In coordination with Tesla, we're also offering a discount code worth $1,000 off a new Tesla for people wanting to purchase their own. Simply use http://ts.la/joe3746 when ordering to save $1,000. Orders must be placed by January 15, 2017.

Each eMotion Tesla comes with Tesla's famed autopilot hardware that allows the car to drive itself, with driver oversight. Using cameras, radar, and sonar, the vehicle senses its surroundings including vehicles and the lines on the road to navigate. The new Model X brings the second generation of autopilot hardware with up to eight active cameras. As Tesla rolls out software updates, the new Model X will eventually be capable of full self driving (see video, below). In the immediate future, it will allow ramp-to-ramp driving with little to no driver intervention.

Take a ride in a Tesla with Full Self-Driving Hardware.

There's nothing more frustrating than stop-and-go traffic. eMotion Rentals' Model S and X vehicles navigate stop-and-go traffic automatically and flawlessly, taking the frustration out of driving. Traffic jams have never been more relaxing!

Additionally, each of our Teslas include unlimited free Tesla Supercharging, all-wheel drive, premium interiors, premium sound, and heated seats and steering wheels. This Model X acquisition brings towing, a 90 kWh battery for more distance without recharging, and a gorgeous white interior with vented seats.

Our rentals are powered by Turo, providing a car rental marketplace for rentals around the world.

This Model X supplements eMotion Rentals' Tesla Model 3 order, scheduled for late 2017 delivery. We'll add the Model X to our inventory as soon as we get it, of course. But in the meantime, you can rent an eMotion Model S to satisfy that Tesla fix before the Model X arrives.