eMotion's Model X rentals are now live! Our Model X is brand-spankin' new 90D with a 257 mile EPA-rated range. It includes:

  • Autopilot 2: Self-driving, traffic-aware cruise control, automatic parking. Pretty wild features! 
  • Room for six people plus gear 
  • Free charging at all Tesla Superchargers (80% charge in about 30 minutes) 
  • Ultra-High Fidelity Sound 
  • Slacker and TuneIn Internet radio 
  • Carbon-fiber d├ęcor, white interior, and black Alcantara leather 
  • Premium interior and lighting 
  • Automatic climate control with vented front seats for cooler butts in the summer time 
  • all seats heated for warmer butts in the winter 
  • Subzero weather package includes heated steering wheel, front and rear seats, & wiper blades 
  • Gorgeous blue exterior 
  • Bike rack available upon request 
  • 17" computerized touchscreen display controls car features with the latest software 
  • Enhanced navigation, routes you near Tesla Superchargers 
  • All-wheel drive (awesome in the snow) 
  • All electric (no gas!) 
  • 92 mile per gallon equivalent (MPGe) 
  • EPA-rated 257 mile battery range between charges (actual range depends upon your driving habits, terrain, & weather) 
  • EZPass available upon request (for monthly or longer rentals, $20 worth of EZPass toll charges included) 

If this is your first time renting, use this discount code when signing up (https://turo.com/referral?code=154749rjv2FG) to get $25 off your first rental. 

And if you loved your rental and want to buy your own Tesla, use this Tesla discount code (http://ts.la/joe3746) to save $1,000 off a new Model S or X purchase or lease!