The eMotion Model X, a work of art!

If you were looking to buy your own Tesla after renting one of ours, Tesla announced a number of pricing changes over the past few weeks.

According to Ride the Lightening (RTL), if you're a current owner of a Model S with a 60 kWh battery, you can unlock the full 75 kWh battery capacity for only $2000. This is just over a 71% decrease in price from the original $7,000 price tag. Similarly, Electrek reports that "Tesla Model X 60D owners can now unlock the remaining 15 kWh of energy capacity in their battery packs for $4,500."

Along with this battery-related price drop, The Motley Fool reports that Tesla also "dropped the price of the 75 kWh Model S by $5,000, giving it a starting price of $69,500." As a caller recently noted to the RTL podcast, with the lower-priced Model S, the currently-available $7,500 federal tax credit, and the $1,000 discount code available through us, the effective entry price of a new Model S $61,000. If your state gives a state tax credit, your entry price may be even lower.

A fully-loaded Model 3 will likely be around $60,000, and you cannot get one of those for years even if you order now. The Model S is available today.

Now may be the time to buy your own Model S or Model X. If you want an extended test drive, rent from us. If you're ready to buy your own, please use our $1,000-off discount code.