We were just reading the Hertz Dream Cars website tonight. They have a Model S 90D for $179 per day, which includes only 75 miles per day and $0.75 per mile thereafter.

Each of eMotion's cars come with 500 miles per day up to 1,500 miles per week. If you rent for a month or longer, you get unlimited mileage!

Our 2017 Model X 90D currently rents for $179 per day on a daily basis, but comes with a 30% discount for weekly rentals, which lowers the price to around $125 per day. You get more miles with us and a lower price.

If you want to rent our Model S, it's even less. The price of our Model S is running about $119 per day (price varies depending upon date). You can get a 15% discount of our daily rates with weekly rentals.

All of our cars come with Tesla's famed autopilot, premium sound, lighting, and interiors. We also will deliver to your doorstep, hotel, or airport!

So increase your enjoyment and save your money. Rent from us!